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Revelstoke, British Columbia, V0E 2S0, Canada
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Short Revelstoke Snowmobile Tours

Our short Revelstoke Snowmobile Tours start right at Glacier House Hotel & Resort at the foot of Frisby Ridge. Our professional guides will introduce you to snowmobiling in a relaxed and fun way. So even if you have never ridden a snowmobile before, don't worry. You'll quickly find out how easy it is and how much fun it is. Great Skidoo snowmobiles (900cc) and all gear (except gloves) are included.

Select a tour that fits your interests and riding capabilities. The short 2 hour tours are best suited for beginners, while the longer tours go further backcountry and often require good physical fitness, as well as some riding experience. Snacks are provided on all tours, and lunch on the day trips, but make sure to bring some extra water as mountain snowmobiling is physical.

Short Tours Offered

Arrive about 15 minutes prior to the listed departure time at our snowmobile shop at Glacier House Resort. After paperwork and waivers, we'll equip you with quality snowmobile gear that includes a suit, boots and helmet (bring your own gloves and wear long under garments for best comfort). We then introduce you to your snowmobile and do some easy practice loops to make sure you're handling your machine comfortably. We set off for the mountain, making plenty of stops to let you catch your breath and take pictures.

Allow yourself time to get to know the machine and get comfortable. Once in the alpine we allow you to ride in open terrain, where you can practise your skills under the watchful eyes of our instructor-guides.