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We care about your safety. When sledding the Revelstoke backcountry learn more about avalanche safety and visit for local conditions. Local avalanche conditions are also posted daily at our front desk. You can also enquire about local conditions with our guides at the shop. Travel with more riders in your group (never ride alone) and carry avalanche safety gear; beacon, probe and shovel and know how to use them. Our guides can assist you in refreshing your avalanche skills and show you the safest riding areas.


We recommend all riders in the Revelstoke area inform themselves of the current avalanche conditions for specific riding areas. Conditions may vary greatly in each area and some areas are more avalanche prone, due to the aspect, snow, local weather conditions and levels of remoteness. All avalanche gear can be rented from Great Canadian Tours.
Any backcountry rider should have the following equipment, and know how to use it. Up to date avalanche beacon with charged batteries, avalanche probe, non plastic avalanche shovel, spare food, spare clothes, communication and navigation equipment.
Never ride alone, and while riding do frequent terrain assessments for avalanche conditions. Keep a keen eye out for terrain traps, signs of past avalanches like flagging of trees or bare slopes, run-out zones and know when to turn around and find safer terrain.


AIRBAG AVALANCHE GEAR PACK  *Airbag Pack / Beacon / Probe / Shovel  - $70 per day

AVALANCHE GEAR PACK   *Pack / Beacon / Shovel / Probe - $40 per day

AVALANCHE BEACON - $25 per day

*we do not 'break' packs and rent separately

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