Arrive at Glacier House Resort. Enjoy a welcome drink and dinner in the Bootlegger Bar and Restaurant.

DAY 2 


Frisby Ridge. After breakfast and our riders briefing, we take you through your snowmobile safety instruction and equip you all needed riding gear. Then we head for the alpine for some great riding on Frisby Ridge. This fabulous mountain is right in our backyard and offers powder bowls, steep hills and some of the most incredible mountain scenery.



Boulder Mountain. Today we explore the scenic trails and spacious alpine meadows of Boulder Mountain. We ride across ‘Streeter Street’ and head up the scenic Veideman Trail that brings us to the infamous Super Bowl, Turbo Hill and the sensational 150 horsepower cliffs of ‘Turbo’, where the brave of heart try to make it over the top of a sheer vertical cliff. More trails await us at the end of the day as we ride back to Glacier House Resort at the foot of Frisby Ridge.


Frisby Ridge & BBQ. After 2 hard riding days, you’ll enjoy the hot springs this morning. A 60 min drive by vehicle brings us to the soothing waters of the Crazy Creek waterfalls. We return to the lodge at lunchtime and gear up and snowmobile to the alpine of Frisby Ridge for some great afternoon riding fun. Hungry yet?? Get ready for a cozy candle light Steak or Salmon BBQ in ‘Glacier Station’ our cabin at 1890m elevation. Following our headlights, we return in the dark to civilization and the lights of Glacier House Resort.



Boulder Mountain/Jordan Valley. This morning our snowmobiles point to the Jordan Valley, where a meandering river is flanked by sheer cliffs and forests on either side. Then we head for the alpine meadows and frozen lakes on Boulder Mountain, where more alpine riding awaits. A thrilling ride through ‘bob-sleigh ride’ trails bring us back to the valley bottom, where we head back to the lodge, an unforgettable experience richer. Return app. 3.30 pm.

Riding Levels: A - B 

Arrival days: Sundays


Sled view


  • 4 guided riding days 

  • 4 nights at the Glacier House Resort

  • Welcome drink, breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Mountain Steak/Salmon BBQ

  • Hot Springs Visit

  • 600cc Sled 

  • Avalanche gear

  • Clothing (Jacket, Pants, Boots, Helmet)

  • Fuel and Oil