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In the public's eye snowmobilers unfortunately have had a bad reputation. Many snowmobilers however do care about the environment they ride in, and many contribute to make this world a little greener. Jointly we can change the general publics opinion by each of us doing our little share.

As Great Canadian Tours and with our partner Glacier House Resort, we support snowmobiling a great deal. We belong to our local snowmobile club and owner Daniel Kellie, is the active president of the Snowmobile Revelstoke Society. Our philosophy is that if you ride in a balanced way, we will all still be riding 20 years from now, trees will still grow and caribou will hang around. Therefore we support state and provincial organizations, our local club and several ‘green’ causes.  We are happy to work with "Green Tourism Canada" and were awarded a Bronze level grading based on our efforts to keep our operation as low impact as can be. We are extremely happy to be one of the first 100 businesses in our region to be working with Green Tourism Canada to meet their strict standards of sustainability.

We initiated and financed the ‘Carrie the Caribou’ project, putting dollars back into caribou research and supporting local snowmobile clubs in their efforts to keep riding areas open.

Revelstoke snowmobiling has worked hard to keep riding areas open. In 2008 the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club, Revelstoke Snowmobile Society, Great Canadian Tours, signed a Stewardship Management Agreement (SMA) with the Provincial Ministry of Environment to monitor and manage our snowmobile/ caribou areas. Next to closures by Agreement of critical caribou habitat, several legal wildlife closures prevent riders from entering caribou habitat. And even though snowmobilers have proven to be of very little influence on either caribou mortality, their habitat or their winter behavior, it is a step in convincing the public and policy makers that we all are doing our best to give the caribou a chance to recover.

For the past seasons we hosted the Blair Morgan Spinal Research Fundraiser and each year we plant lots of trees to off-set our carbon footprint. We encourage you to ride smart, conserve energy (except when sledding), re-cycle cans and bottles, re-use towels and turn off the lights and heat when you’re not in your room.


- Don't chase wildlife at any time or follow tracks

- When you spot caribou, avoid getting closer and leave the area

- If caribou are close, turn off your engine and allow the animals to move away.

- Respect closed areas. When riding the Revelstoke areas, inform yourself of closures and respect those.

- Report violations of closed areas by other riders to the club or Ministry.

- Do not leave your junk in the mountains. If you can pack full beer cans in, you certainly can pack empties out.


Order your Carrie the Caribou today, or pick one up at the shows or at Glacier House Resort $15 plus taxes.

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