Great Canadian Tours is the only operator licensed to seven of the best riding areas in Revelstoke. Most riding is done between 5500 to 7500 feet elevation.

Akolkolex & Mt McCrae 18 kms south of Revelstoke. Great family area with 100 kms of smooth non groomed trails and challenging alpine on Mt McCrae. Some avalanche risk.

Boulder Mountain 2 kms west of Revelstoke. 50 kms of trails and over 150 sq kms of alpine bowls and meadows. New day-use club cabin. Famous climbs on Super Bowl, Turbo Hill and Sugar Bowl.

Frisby Ridge Most scenic riding area with meadows, bowls, hill climbs and a sensational 5 km ridge ride. 144 sq kms of alpine and 60 kms of trails. Please respect caribou closures. Private Great Canadian Cabin and day-use club cabin.

Eagle Pass Access via Turtle Mt or Sicamous. Large area with several lakes, powder hill climbs and lots of fun tree riding.

Mt. Hall/Coursier Lake 40 kms south of Revelstoke. Over 150 kms of smooth non groomed trails and table top alpine area.

Keystone/Standard Basin Large riding area 65 kms north of Revelstoke. Higher avalanche risk and rough 26 km trail to large alpine riding area. Day use cabin.

Sale Mountain Smaller riding area 15 kms north of Revelstoke. Good early season riding, 20 km trail to small alpine. Please observe heli-ski and caribou closures.

Turtle Mountain Access from Boulder Mountain Kirk-up trail. Non-groomed trail and steep mountain access. Large powder riding area with large variety of terrain. Recommended for experienced riders. Avalanche risk.

Wap & Mable Lake 18 kms west from Revelstoke. 150 kms of non groomed trails with old cabins and lots of moose. Access to 3 alpine areas including Griffin, Begbie and Monashees. Great for family rides.