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Each year we replace our whole fleet and offer our current sleds for sale. These are great deals, as we go completely through each sled, replace clutch components and service the snowmobiles completely. Throughout our riding season our sleds go through their complete maintenance schedule as required by BRP, and any broken or worn parts are replaced immediately. Consequently, when you buy one of our sleds, you get a great looking, well maintained sled. Our prices are set at the dealer trade-in level, which offers you another $500 to $1000 saving compared to the dealer retail. Regular maintenance and servicing were done since new.


TTAX is 12% for BC and only 7% for Alberta. You can also pre-purchase for $500 non-refundable deposit and pick it up later - until October 30, 2019, at the latest. We offer free one night stay at Glacier House when picking up if you travel a long distance (conditions may apply due to capacity reasons). To inquire, please call 250-837-5030 or e-mail us at


2018 SUMMIT T3 850 165 (new motor Feb 2019)

Starting at $6,000



Quite simply, the agile, powerful and effortless Ski-Doo Summit is the beginning of a new era in mountain riding. A mountain sled has never been so responsive and agile, thanks to the combination of REV Gen4 platform and Rotax 850 E-TEC engine.

IMG_1360 copy.jpg

2017 SUMMIT T3 850 174 & 154

Starting at $4,500

Ranging from 7,982-11,935km


The 2017 Summit changes the mindset of a deep snow rider with its effortless deep-snow agility and instant power. The agile, powerful and effortless is built around the rider more than ever before to make even the most technical boondocking easier for riders of every ability.

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