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COVID-19 Response

Great Canadian Tours is hosted by

Glacier House Resort in Revelstoke.

The resort is operating on strict new procedures, and we will ask our adventurers to follow the guidelines for accessing our premises to enjoy a safe exploration. As sister companies, Glacier House, Great Canadian Tours and Full Speed Rentals will be sharing similar protocols, all related to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organisation and by Work Safe BC.

For a detailed overview on how Glacier House Resort is managing its reopening, please click here.

** Due to the evolving situation, updates on this page will be done on a regular basis **

Overview of shared protocols

To be able to manage your requests, and to react properly to any situation, our staff will receive training and will be frequently updated on the ongoing situation.

You will find hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and exit doors of our lobby. To ensure our lodge will maintain its safety level, we will be asking you, our staff, and our suppliers to use them.


The stations are mandatory for all and have to be used in order to enter our premises.

Social distances will be a very important measure at Great Canadian Tours and Glacier House Resort,  you will find friendly reminders about respecting the 2m-distance in all the shared areas, and at the strategic points, as the Front Desk counter.

Name, Title

About your activity

Name, Title

You are invited to sign the waiver digitally via email before joining us for your activity.

The lobby will show floor markers to respect the 2m distances between visitors.

In the case of several groups joining, we will make sure that each group will be gearing up independently. 

If you are joining a tour, you will not be mixed with another group.

You will be invited to book online or to pay with debit or credit card onsite. Payment by cash will be on request and handled by protocols.

You will be using disinfected helmets, radios, and tracking devices. It is already common procedures to spray these items with “Lysol certified sanitizer” dedicated to hard surfaces and fabrics. In addition, we will rotate the use of our gear to 24hrs between each user.

Vehicles and other gear will be cleaned after each use.

To use our vehicles and gear we will invite our guests to use their gloves.

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