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HOW OLD DO I HAVE TO BE TO RENT A MACHINE? Minimum age is 25 years to rent, 19 years to drive or 9 years for passengers within a side by side when physically accompanied with a parent or legal guardian and a fitting helmet is securely fastened as well as a seat booster if required.


DO I NEED A DRIVERS LICENCE? Yes. If you are the renter or the driver. All riders must have a valid driver’s license to operate one of our vehicles.


HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN GO ON THE SIDE BY SIDE? 4 pax in the 4-seater (incl. driver), 2 pax in the 2-seater (incl. driver).


HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN RIDE THE DIRT BIKES? 1 only (rider), no double-ups allowed.


WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE SIDE BY SIDE RATE? Rentals - Helmet and goggles. Tours - Helmet, goggles, fuel and insurance.


WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE DIRT BIKE RATE? Rentals - Helmets and goggles. Tours - Helmet, goggles, boots, fuel and tire insurance.

IS FOOD INCLUDED ON A TOUR? On full day trips we offer a packed lunch as an optional add-on, provided by Terra Firma Kitchen


WHAT OTHER DIRT BIKE GEAR CAN BE RENTED? Boots - $10 per day / Chest Protector - $10 per day / Knee and Elbow Pads - $10 per day.


WHAT ABOUT LATE RETURNS? Late returns are subject to a $70/h fee. Please inform us of any late returns as soon as possible.


PAYMENT? Online - your booking will be handled by our booking system with a credit card payment. In person - we accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and cash before the time of rental. We do not accept Amex.


WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO RIDE? July and August are dry hot months, very good conditions. June/September are good times too, more rain.


HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN GO ON TOUR AT ONCE? Side by sides -  max. 8 people based on availability.

Dirt bikes - 2-4 people based on experience level, bikes and availability.



Dirt bikes: 2x Yamaha TTR230, 2x Yamaha YZ125X, 2x KTM 150XC-W

Side by sides: 2x Can-AM 4-seater Maverick X3's, 2x Can-AM 2-seater Maverick X3's

Water sports: Sylvan Pontoon, 2x Sea-Doo GTI 170


WAIVERS AND TERMS & CONDITIONS - It is mandatory for all guests to sign a Release of Liability and Waiver Form before any tour / rental. Any participants under the age of 19 must have a parent or guardian present to sign on their behalf.

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