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WHEN SHOULD I BOOK? Multi Day tours should be booked as far in advance as possible. We start taking bookings for group multi day tours in April onward. Short tours are able to be booked closer to the date of the tour. Fully dependent on schedule and guide availability.


HOW MANY PEOPLE PER TOUR? Our guide ratio is 6 people to 1 guide. We are able to have larger groups provided that we would have 2 guides available.


ARE THERE AGE RESTRICTIONS? All driver’s must have a valid driver’s license, if you are renting you must be over the age of 22. If you are on tour it is possible to be 19years of age with a valid driver's license. On our short tours we do offer a double up option (rider seated on the back). These double up’s must be 10years or older and if underaged accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


DO I NEED EXPERIENCE? Our tours are based off of experience levels. We offer tours for all types of experience levels. For beginner’s we recommend our short tours, as they are a fantastic introduction into snowmobiling.


WHAT IF IT RAINS OR THE WEATHER CONDITIONS AREN'T FAVOURABLE? Weather conditions can be tough to gage during the winter months. If we feel that the weather conditions are unsafe or unfavourable then we will cancel the tour with full refund for guests. Guests however, cannot be refunded if they choose to cancel or “No Show” within a non-refund period leading up to the tour. We watch the weather everyday and have a very good idea of whether or not the conditions will be good. If you are unsure you can always call us to get an update on the current weather. 


WHAT PROTECTION EQUIPMENT SHOULD I WEAR? We offer all equipment for guests on tour. If you are renting a sled we ask that you bring your own riding gear (helmet, boots, proper jacket and pants) and avalanche gear if you have it. We do offer rentals for all of this gear as well, however our gear is reserved firstly for our guests on tour.

IS THERE A MINIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE TO RUN THE TOUR? For our short tours we require a minimum group of 2 with the exception of our full day Summit Ride. Our Summit Ride is a minimum group number of 4 people to run. For our multi day tours we require a minimum group number of 4 people to run as well.


WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? We suggest that you wear comfortable quick dry layers. Layers are important, as it can get cold quickly while on the mountains. Try not to wear cotton as once wet it does not dry well.


WILL I SEE ANY WILDLIFE? We have many types of alpine birds on the mountains; our mountains are also home to a small herd of Caribou. However it is unlikely that we will see any Caribou.



The mountain highways east and west from Revelstoke are susceptible to closures and poor winter conditions. We advise you to check the current road conditions at Drive BC before driving to Revelstoke. Or get an up to date road report at 1-800-550-4997. Please ensure your vehicle has proper winter tires.


WHAT AIRPORT IS THE BEST TO FLY INTO? We are easily reached by the major airports in Calgary, Vancouver or Seattle. From these airports direct connecting flights to the regional Kelowna airport (YLW) are offered by Alaskan Airlines, Westjet or Air Canada. From the Kelowna airport it is approximately 2 hours to Revelstoke, over well maintained roads.


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